Distributed Product and Information Lifecycle Integration

With the DactaTrace Distributed Product and Information Lifecycle Integration project we are expanding the breadth and growing the depth of the Distributed Document Lifecycle Management solution

The goal of expanding the breadth of the Distributed Document Lifecycle Management solution is to enable the concepts of traceability and auditability to a broader set of generalized information artifacts related to the lifecycle of products, systems, assemblies, and components, and their relationships.

The goal of growing the depth of our previous solution is to enable significantly more involved cross-enterprise business processes than the relatively simple document exchange processes that are the focus area of the Distributed Document Lifecycle Management solution.


What is true in general, namely that tightly controlled, traceable, and error-free exchange of information artifacts are key prerequisites for frictionless collaborative relationships, is especially true in the context of Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) and Distributed Manufacturing (DM).

With the increasing popularity of Additive Manufacturing, i.e. technologies that build 3D objects by adding layer-upon-layer of material, the risk of financial or reputation damage, and the risk of life-threatening failures of medical devices, car accidents, aircraft crashes, etc. becomes a real threat.

Preventing Leakage, undetected malicious modification, unauthorized use, as well as use of information artifacts in the wrong context or for unauthorized purposes is therefore a top priority for the manufacturing industry.

For distributed manufacturing ecosystems, protecting IP (Intellectual Property), preventing DRM (Digital Rights Management) or copyright violations for digital assets has become more important than ever in order to prevent financial or reputation damage, and in order to avoid that products and systems put the health and life of humans at risk.


Our solution will be the implementation of a systematic, controlled concept for managing and developing products tightly integrated with product-related information in a distributed environment, involving multiple legal entities.

R3 Corda Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) together with an integrated approach, composed of people, processes/practices, products, documents and other types of information artifacts will create a trusted cross-enterprise product development platform.

In the context of OEM and DM, our solution will remove uncertainties and friction from cross-enterprise collaboration, and address IP , DRM and copyright issues for digital assets.

Our Distributed Product & Information Lifecycle Management Integration project will lead to the design and implementation of solutions that create trust, and that provide compliance, traceability and auditability in the context of distributed cross-enterprise processes involving systems, and products, as well as systems- and product-related information artifacts.

Additionally, our solution will facilitate business process compliance audits, and the automation of process compliance validation.