DactaTrace operates a generally available Secure Document Exchange, and designs and develops Distributed Product, Document, and Information Lifecycle Management Solutions


Tightly controlled, traceable, and error-free exchange of information artifacts are key prerequisites in many collaborative relationships, in both private and in business contexts.

Leakage, undetected malicious modification, unauthorized use, as well as use of information artifacts in the wrong context or for unauthorized purposes can cause financial or reputation damage for the involved enterprises, and put the health and life of humans at risk.

For example, financial damage can be created when sharing or exchanging information artifacts leads to IP (Intellectual Property), DRM (Digital Rights Management) or copyright issues for digital assets. As another example, undetected malicious modifications of manufacturing instructions can lead to life-threatening failures of medical devices, car accidents, aircraft crashes, etc.


Design, develop, and operate products and solutions based on Blockchain, DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology), PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) and ILM (Information Lifecycle Management) concepts.

Use DLT together with an integrated approach, composed of people, processes, products, documents and other types of information artifacts to enable the realisation and secure operation of trusted cross-enterprise information sharing and collaboration platforms.

By implementing a systematic control concept involving multiple legal entities, our solutions will elevate the digitalization of the cross-enterprise collaboration to the next level.

Unlike centralized solutions that work in, or that rely on a single domain of trust, which is often a single enterprise, i.e., a single legal entity, our DTL-based solutions will bridge the trust gap between separate, distributed domains of trust.